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Aechmea photo

Aechmea fasciata belongs to the Bromeliceae family and has its origin in South America. There are around 255 species of Aechmea found in the South American continent and most of them are epiphytes meaning they grow above the ground. Aechmea comes from a Greek word "aichme" meaning a "spear tip" owing to their unique resemblance to the tip of a spear. Some of the popular flowering varieties are: Aechmea fasciata, Aechmea chantinii and Aechmea fosteriana.

Aechmea fasciata is a popular flowering variety that has beautiful purple flowers that bloom up from the bracts that have an attractive bright pink color. They will add an amazing texture to your garden when they bloom to their fullest.

Aechmea fosteriana is another lovely variety of Aechmea. These flowering varieties have red flowers with a bluish tinge on their tips and look really beautiful. This variety is popularly called "Foster's Favorite" Aechmea. The plant has a unique look of a wine cup, hence also called as "Lacquered Wine Cup".


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