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Salix photo

The Salix variety of outdoor plants consists of everything from the Weeping Willow tree to the Pussy willow stems. The pussy willow pants bloom in the spring and benefit from getting cut back after they are finished blooming. All in all, there are about 400 different varieties of the Salix species, from trees to shrubs to plants, but Astra Fund Holland BV is showcasing 13 of them in their catalogue. As outdoor plants you will find the Weeping Willow tree, Dart’s Snake, Wilgentak, Wilgenkatjes, Sekka, Phylicifolia, Melanostachys, Golden Curls, Caradoc, Snowstar, Snow Flake, Silverglow, and Tortuosa. These outdoor plants thrive in cold temperatures in soil that remains moist at all times.


If you are ready to buy Salix wholesale, you should check out the Astra Fund Holland BV website. There you will find a full catalogue that is categorized by fresh flowers, potted plants and outdoor plants. For more than 20 years this company has been providing wholesale deliveries of flowers. They are a major provider of flowers and plants from the Netherlands and South America. They give their customers unbeatable service along with reasonable rates. They cater to big business as well as small companies. You do not have to submit any kind of minimum order to become a customer.