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Freesia photo

Freesia belongs to Iridaceae family; it is one of the most used plants in creating bouquets to give out as presents. Freesia buy wholesale because it is famous for its light, attractive smell, more like roses and it is associated with Valentine’s Day. Freesia can be bought from a Dutch company «Astra Fund Holland BV» that is engaged in the wholesale of world’s best plants. This plant has flowers like funnel-shaped and is available in many colors like red, white, yellow or lilac because of its pastel colors which are the pillar of flower shops in the world. This plant is native to Africa, but two of its kinds are originated from north of equator and reach insofar as Sudan. This plant blooms during the spring and summer season, however if it is grown properly then it may last till autumn months. 14 popular kinds of this plant found in Africa though it can be seen in northerly environments counting the British Isles. To grow this plant, you are required to do a lot of care as the right time to plant the seed is between Septembers to November. This plant also needs sunlight in a large amount as well as well-drained soil. Freesia is also an important element in some fragrances and perfumed oils.