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Amaranthus photo

Amaranthus, or Amaranth as the collection of plants in genus are known as, are short-lived perennial and annual plants. The name is a combination of the Greek word anthos which means flower and the Greek word amarantos which means unfading. Depending on the specific species, Amaranthus are mainly used as ornamental plants, pseudo-cereals and at times salad vegetables. While the family of Amaranthus plants is fairly distinctive from other groups of similar plants, there are not many distinguishing features across the entire 70 species known to exist. The foliage for different Amaranthus comes in a variety of different colours from gold to green, red and purple and many others. For instance the Amaranthus Caudatus is a species of the plant that normally has red flowers and the seeds and leaves are used as a food source in South America and India. Whereas the Amaranthus Viridis, although used similarly as a food source, has predominately green foliage and flowers. Amaranthus is one of the many potted plants from Holland available to purchase in bulk from the company Astra Fund. There are 22 different types of Amaranthus sold online including Amaranthus Caudatus, Amaranthus Cruentus, Amaranthus Paniculatus, Amaranthus Sasra and Amaranthus Viridis.