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Solidago photo

To say that the array of Solidago blooming plants are a burst of sunshine would be an understatement. Each plant has a number of flowers that create a full floral affect. They would make a lovely floral accent piece to a multi-colored bouquet or a spray of just their vivid yellow blooms in a simple vase. There are many varieties of this plant and Astra Fund Holland BV carries 23 of them. They include: Knock Out; Leonardo, Early Sunrise and Citronella. Ready to buy wholesale Solidago? You can choose from the assortment that are on display in the company’s organized catalogue.


For more than 20 years Astra Fund Holland BV has brought flowers and plants from the Netherlands and South America to its customer base of floral buyers. They have a well-organized catalogue featuring fresh cut flowers, potted plants, and outdoor plants. Each category is well represented with a variety of types from each genus of plant. This makes it easy for those who make bulk purchases of flowers to go right to the type of flowers they would like and put together their order. You will always be extended the very best prices and excellent customer service.