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Gloriosa photo

Gloriosa is a genus of flowering plants of 12 species in the Colchicaceae family, and include the earlier recognized genus Littonia. This plant is native to Asia, tropical and southern Africa, and naturalized in the Pacific and Australia. Gloriosa has other common names like flame lily, gloriosa lily, fire lily, glory lily, creeping lily, superb lily and climbing lily.

Gloriosa come in different colors. These extraordinary-looking lilies produce an abundance of red-bronze and yellow-orange flowers with petals that bend backward to resemble a flash of dazzling flames. They can erect up to a height of 8 feet and require a wall or trellis to climb. Even though climbing lilies don’t produce tendrils, the leaves of the Gloriosa climbing lily cling to the trellis, to pull the creeping plant upward. The plant can tolerate direct sunlight and well drained potting mixed with liquid fertilizer fortnightly.


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