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Antirrhinum photo

The plant that is more commonly known as snapdragons or dragon flowers, is actually called Antirrhinums and is a genus from the Plantaginaceae family. They are often given their other name because of the fact that the flowers look like dragon's faces whose mouth opens and closes when they are squeezed. The plant is native to the rockier parts of North Africa, the United Stared and Europe. Overall the genus is very diverse in terms of the way each species looks. However they are characterised specifically by inferior gibbous corolla in personate flowers. The name snapdragon officially denotes the Antirrhinum Majus species, even though other species are given that name as well. It is this species that is available from Astra Fund, the Dutch company that specialise in bulk purchases of flowers. There are 88 different Antirrhinum available, mostly of the Majus variety, in a wide array of colours. Whether you like yellow flowers, red flowers, green, orange, pink or white; you will find something that suits your taste or taste of the person you are buying them for. The substantial range includes different colours of Antirrhinum Majus, Antirrhinum Majus Cool, Antirrhinum Majus Potomac and Antirrhinum Majus Animation among others.