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Ajania photo

The Ajania is a flowering plant genus within the daisy family and due to the colouring of the leaves and the small flowers has the more common name of Silver and Gold Daisy. It originates exclusively from Asian countries with milder temperatures such as Japan, China and Russia. The name Ajania is taken from the name of the Russian port Ayan in the Russian Far East region of Khabarovsk Krai. A very reliable and easily grown perennial, the Ajania features attractive dark green leaves that have a silvery white, crispy edging with small yellow flowers that bloom late in autumn. Due the plant's stiff and robust stems cut Ajania last a long time and are easy to arrange as cut flowers and are often used as a filler plant and flower for bouquets and other floral arrangements. Interestingly, the Ajania is one of those flowering plants that seems to cause a lot of dispute with the world of botany as many people have classed it as a Dendranthema Pacificum or Chrysanthemum; while the more favoured classification is the more recent Ajania genus in the daisy family. No matter what they are called, the Ajania is becoming more and more popular and if you browse the Astra Fund catalogue, it is not difficult to see why.