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Weigela photo

This line of fresh cut flowers features 10 different types and all of them carry pink flowers. The variety that Astra Fund Holland BV features in their catalogue include: Alexandra, Sunny Fantasy, Sunshine, and Victoria. The flowers vary in style with some consisting of five petals that are spaced around the darker center while others are curled up almost looking like a rose bud ready to blossom. Any of these pretty pink blooms would spruce up a spring or summer bouquet. When you would like to buy wholesale Weigela go to the website for Astra Fund Holland BV and check out their catalogue.

For more than 20 years this leading seller of flowers wholesale from Holland have brought the best plants and flowers to their ever-growing clientele. They offer great rates on their products and besides cut flowers you will find potted plants, outdoor plants and a line of bulbs that are featured in their own catalogues. This company offers their products to businesses that are big and small. They do not require a minimum order to purchase plants from their website. You can sign in as a guest and once you place your order you will join their list of satisfied customers.