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Stromanthe photo

The Stromanthe sanguinea is a wonderful plant to grow either outdoors or indoors as a houseplant. It is a native plant in Brazilian rain-forests. Being a member of the prayer plant family, the leaves fold up as if in prayer. The dark green leaves are variegated in shades of pink, red, white, or green. Indoors, it can grow to a height of 60 to 90cm (2-3 feet), but grown outdoors, this plant can easily reach to 1.5m (5 feet). They produce reddish-pink flowers in spring. Stromanthe sanguinea catches people’s attention with its dazzling foliage, so untidy or damaged leaves are instantly noticeable. Snip off the damaged or tattered leaves at their point of origin using pruning shears, but be careful not to cut or damage the surrounding leaves or stems. Grooming can be performed at any time of year, but it is best to do it in spring before the plant enters its active growth phase. Indoors Stromanthe sanguinea should have medium light. Keep the plant out of direct sunlight, especially during the summer months. During the summer months, this plant can be taken outdoors. Place it in a protected area that offers partial to full shade. In direct sunlight, the leaves will burn. In the fall, when the temperatures drop into the lower 10°C (50°F) , take the plant indoors. Set the potted Stromanthe sanguinea in a north or east-facing window for best results.