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Plectranthus photo


Being a member of the Labiaceae family, the Plectrantus plant is a perennial shrub with delicate lacy leaflets and flexible shoots, which is also known as Sporeflower and “room mint”. Plectrantus is used for decoration, cooking, medicine and as a room scent. There are more than 250 species that have significant similarities in the genus of such plants.

Plectrantus is one of the few indoor plants whose leaves are more decorative than flowers. The evergreen shrub grows into an elegant plant with an original two-tone colour, and the decorative leaves of Plectrantus can acquire all shades of green, alternating on succulent shoots. As a rule, this herbaceous plant reaches a height of 50-70 centimetres. In addition, in the process of development, the branches of Plectrantus become heavier, expand vertically, and can even spread along the ground.

Most often, with artificial cultivation, this decorative and deciduous flower is cultivated by gardeners in hanging planters or in wicker pots so that over time its many heavy shoots descend under the weight of thick foliage. The popularity of this plant in home gardening is high, due to the fact that Plectrantus is quite unpretentious in care. Particularly popular are the wholesale deliveries of Plectrantus in Scandinavia, so the shrub even acquired the name “Swedish ivy”.

Strong and fleecy leaves of Plectrantus are always located crosswise opposite each other, have an ovoid or oval shape. Each leaf has a unique and colourful pattern, the vein relief is easily visible. Plectrantus leaves are not only pleasant to the touch, but also exude a pleasant mint aroma. Its aromatic glands also perform another important function: the smell of Plectrantus drives insects away. The bush blooms in the summer: on the tips of the shoots fluffy inflorescences of white, lilac or purple appear.

Plectrantus in wholesale from ‘Astra Fund Holland BV’ from the Netherlands

This magical plant is suitable for creating decor and floral arrangements both in the garden and indoors. If you like this plant, you can order Plectrantus in wholesale from the Netherlands right now. Please contact our managers by phone or e-mail for more details about the order, as the wholesale price of Plectrantus from the Netherlands varies depending on the season.