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Nerine photo

Nerine is a genus of flowering plants belonging to the Amaryllidoideae sub-family and the family of Amaryllidaceae. Native to South Africa, Nerine has roughly 30 species. They are bulbous perennials, and some evergreen, associated with arid and rocky habitats. Deciduous Nerine species can either grow during summer or winter.  Nerine have spherical umbels similar to the lily flowers in shades from crimson to white. In the cases of deciduous species, the nerine plant flowers may show on naked stems before its leaves emerge. 

Nerines have a wide range of fiery colors, with yellow, crimson, red, and orange, making them an implausible choice for a spring, winter or autumn themed table centre. The flower itself is quite romantic, and if its fiery colors are not for you there are others, including the beautiful pink.

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