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Matthiola photo

Matthiola is a well-known genus of flowering plants belonging to the family of mustard. The plant was named after Andrea Mattioli. The genus contains roughly 48-50 species of perennial, annual and biennial herbaceous sub-shrubs and plants. Matthiola Incana and Matthiola longipetala are two of the most popular species. They make great cut flowers.

A large number of flowers promise scent, but Mathiola really beats all, with a strong and spicy fragrance. Many are cultivated because of their colorful, heavily scented flowers.

These are early bloomers that do well in the cool spring temperatures. There’s a wide variety of colors, varying from white, lavender to pink, and from deep reds to yellow. The plants do not particularly grow tall and make great edging plants. There are various dwarfs that reach not more than 1 ft tall while there are those that come close to 3 ft.

Fresh Matthiola flowers create an ultimate soothing and fresh feeling around us. Fresh garden cut flowers are therefore the best thing to gift someone you truly care for and love. Order fresh cut flowers wholesale from Astra Fund Holland BV to bring in grace and quietness to celebrations. These flowers come in various color and smells uniquely.