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Helichrysum photo

Helichrysum italicum

A herbaceous perennial from the Asteraceae family called Helichrysum italicum is widespread in use both in horticulture and in traditional medicine. This plant is also popularly called immortelle, dwarf everlast or helihrizum. In nature, Helichrysum is found in warm regions of Europe, Asia and Africa, where the change of cold and warm seasons occurs.


In appearance, the plant really looks dry, hence the name - dried flower (immortelle). Thin and tall stems of 20-60 centimeters high grow one at a time, creating a dense turf on the soil. You can feel a rough, felt-like coating that gives the green stems a silver tint. Leaves up to 5 cm long on the stems are arranged alternately. They have a lanceolate or elongated shape and often wrap themselves up to the ground.

Flowering of Helichrysum italicum begins in June and continues until early September, and it sometimes goes into secondary flowering. Each flower basket continues to delight the eye for up to two weeks. At the very top of the stems, spherical flower baskets with a diameter of 3–7 mm are formed; up to 50 tubular yellow-gold flowers can be counted in them. The receptacle is both convex and flat. After a flowering period, fruits appear in its place, a brown achene of oblong shape.

Decorative species of Helichrysum italicum are very popular among gardeners, because they create a voluminous composition and delight the eye with their sunny yellow flower baskets.

In the past, the plant could be found in almost every forest with sandy soil. Today, these bright flowers are less and less common at sunny edges, so our company organizes wholesale deliveries of Helichrysum italicum in wholesale from the Netherlands.

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