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Helenium photo

Spring is just around the corner, and what's more fun than spring cleaning? Spring planting!
Helenium provides a beautiful splash of color that will delight your eyes and satisfy your heart. These late-blooming beauties will keep your garden looking great through the summer and into the fall. They bloom in full July through September, and sometimes bloom again in October. Standing between one and five feet tall, depending on the variety, Helenium is perfect for adding texture and height to your garden. The flowers are usually two to three inches in diameter, and come in a variety of colors, including shades of red, yellow, gold, and orange. These easy to grow plants prefer at least six hours of direct sunlight, well drained soil, and regular water. They grow best in zones 3 - 9. Best of all, Helenium is a perennial flower, which means you only have to plant it once to gain years of enjoyment.

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