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Hedera photo

Commonly known as "ivy" and growing on a wide number of evergreen species, Hedera is a tree climbing or ground creeping woody plant that grows mainly in Europe, Africa, and Asia. Hedera grows mainly on trees, but it can also climb rock formations and manmade structures. This green plant has very fertile flowering stems on its sun-facing side. The flowers are usually colored green and yellow, but can also be purple or black. Hedera is incredibly important in nature since it produces fruit and nectar during the winter months, becoming the only food source for bees and birds during this time. The ivy bee, for example, is dependent on Hedera for nourishment. This species is very widely known due to its abundance both in nature and in urban areas, where it is known to climb the sides of buildings.

With its many uses, Hedera continues to be an incredibly popular species. Its evergreen foliage is attractive, and it takes up a very little planting space. Due to its climbing nature, Hedera is often used to cover up unsightly outside walls. When ordering flowers wholesale at Astra Fund Holland BV, Hedera should definitely be included due to its many uses and unique makeup.