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Gentiana photo

Gentiana which is also popular as Gentian, can be bought from a Dutch company «Astra Fund Holland BV» that is engaged in the wholesale of plants. It is one of the largest genres comprising 00 species. It is named after the King of Illyria, names Gentius, who use this plant as medically. “Gentiana” buy wholesale as the shape of these flowers are trumpet, and available in the color of purple and violet. This plant grows from short stems. Many kinds of Gentiana flowers are found in alpine climates, specifically in Asia and Europe. Some of its kinds can be seen in Australia and America as well. These flowers bloom in between September and November as this is an autumn flower. Sino-ornata and the GentianaSeptemfida are the most famous kinds of Gentiana. These kinds can grow up to 20cm tall in height. This is ideally needed to be planted in the month of March and May as the perfect bloom season for this flower is autumn. This plant does not need a lot of sunlight and lime free soil is best for its growth. Some of its varieties are cultivated for commercial purpose and mostly used in tonics, liqueurs, and aperitif wines.