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Eucomis photo

Eucomis also called pineapple lilies can be seen and bought from Astra Fund Holland BV» a Dutch company that is engaged in the wholesale of plants. This plant is native to South Africa and it has tropical-looking, heavy foliage with flower spines that look to be small “pineapples” at the first of every stem. “Eucomis” Buy Wholesale is an annual plant and very cold tender. This is somewhat peculiar plant and is 12 to 15 inches high but has enormous flower crown. This plant is basically linked to asparagus, both belongs to the lily family. Pineapple lily plants develop from bulbs. This plant mostly produces flowers from July to August. Some of its varieties transfer an indistinct, unpleasant fragrance. The flower is in reality covered of several small flowers gathered collectively in a pinecone form. The colors of this flower vary but are typically silver, cream or streaked with lilac. These plants are stamping over time and cangrow2 to 3 feet wide over period. Growing this plant is very much easy, start them in pots and then transfer them outside later the endangerment of cold is over. This plant requires no fertilizer for caring. Allow the leaves to persevere as long as required so the plant can collect energy from the sun to get fueled up till the next term’s bloom.