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Dracaena photo

Dracaena is a popular tropical plant ordinarily known as the dragon tree. The origins of dracaena are tropical but despite this fact, it is easy to care for the plant. Dracaena is related to the family of Yucca plant and it has resemblance with the palms. The leaves of Dracaena plants are red at the edges, they grow in clusters or rosettes and have woody stems topped by thin leaves.

The mature leave turns yellow and fall off as the new leaves grow. Dracaena rarely appears on the indoor plants, in its natural outdoor home ground, blossoms and berries also appear. Naturally, they can grow up to five meters tall but the indoor plants are much smaller. It is native to Madagascar it is used to tropical, warm temperatures. Nevertheless, dracaena is the plant which is hardy and adaptable. Buy “Dracaena” wholesale from Holland from the Dutch company «Astra Fund Holland BV». It deals in the wholesale of plants and flowers.

Dracaena plants have 40 species and one of the most popular species is Marginata. The plants are widely available as they are so easy to care for. These plants are found in most of the garden centers at reasonable prices. There are different forms of Marginata: the Colorama, the Tricolor, and the Magenta. The Colorama has a deep red hue; the tricolor has yellow stripes and is pinkish. There are more colorful assortments and do carry out a little more care.


The ease of the care is one of the reasons for the Dracaena popularity. Dracaena plants will need feeding but the requirement will only be in summer, when liquid food of plant should be given every couple of weeks. Dracaena should not be feed in the winters as too much water or little amount can cause many problems. In the season of summer, the plants should be thoroughly watered though the earth requires drying out a little bit between watering. Buy “Dracaena” wholesale and grow them best between 16 and 24 degree Celsius and they should be protected from the draughts. With lower light level, dracaena copes better too.