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Dianthus barbatus

Dianthus barbatus photo

Dianthus barbatus are the fugacious perennials or biennials are charming plants, and deserve their weight in amber in the border of a cottage. After blossoming, the attractive leafage clutches the space well. Dianthus barbatus is attractive to bees, birds and/or butterflies as the fragrance of the flowers are tantalizing. Buy “Dianthus barbatus” wholesale from Holland through the Dutch company «Astra Fund Holland BV». The company deals in the wholesale and has a huge variety of different plants and flowers.

There are various cultivars produce colorful and disk-shaped flowers, which are decoratively fringed and fragrant in an intense manner. Dianthus barbatus are equally sensational as bicolor, single color or in a mixed palette. Dianthus barbatus are eventually grown in the moist, fertile and well-drained soil in the full sun. Dianthus barbatus is also known as “Sweet William”.


They ordinarily grow 12 to 24 inches tall and their small features flowers held in dense, flat-topped end clutches (3-5” wide). You can buy “Dianthus barbatus” wholesale in different colors with vivid shades of pink, red, bicolor, white, sometimes with a contrastive eye, and with fringed flower petals, are be-whiskered on the inside. They blossom for the late spring to early summer. Many of the newer cultivars have no scent although flowers may have fragrance. These flowers are lance-shaped with medium green leaves which are up to 4 inches long.