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Peonies delight, inspire and fascinate many! Almost every bride dreams of decorating her wedding with this noble flower. Interest in this flower, as a decorative plant, began more than 2,000 years ago in China. In our days, still many festivals and exhibitions devoted to peony are held in China. In Europe this flower appeared in the 18th century and immediately became the favourite one of English and French flower growers.


Today, thanks to experienced breeders, it is not difficult to get a quality Dutch peony. One of the easiest ways is to contact with the best supplier company Astra Fund and get the highest quality peony in your store. Astra Fund purchases flowers from the best growers. Society “My peony” has been on the market for 3 years and during this time has managed itself at a very high level. Instead of the fact that now is the hottest season for peonies, Miriam gladly agreed to answer  few questions.

1.    When do you start prepare peonies for growing?

Roots get planted in autumn. During the first two years, nothing gets harvested: the plant is getting stronger in this period. After these two years, when spring temperatures are rising, the buds get bigger until they are ripe enough to get harvested. Almost everywhere in the world, the cutting gets done by hand. When a peony is given the right care, the plant can reach ten up to twenty years of age.

2.     What is the most popular sort?

That depends on the time of year, every period has popular peonies, but the most beloved of them all is Sarah Bernhardt

3.    What sorts are the earliest and latest?

Here you can find our availability calendar

4.    Do you have new varieties which you present this year?

Athena is a new kind and we want to promote it.

5.    What is your favorite sort or sorts?

Reine Hortense and command performance they are big and beautiful

6.    What sorts do you recommend to use during wedding arrangements?

There are few sorts of peonies which we are highly recommended to use during wedding decoration:

Princess Bride Florence Nicholls Moon over Barrington
Madame Claude Tain Pink Giant Brother Chuck Nick Shaylor Amalia Olson Bridal Shower Gardenia

                     7.    When is the best time to buy peonies in auction?

We have peonies year round! We’re strong believers in modern technology to help streamline the growing process. So we actively look at innovative methods that improve the quality if our peonies and get them to our clients faster. One technological innovation we’re pretty excited about is long range connectivity, or LoRa. With LoRa, sensors in the field are able to transmit data across great distances to a central system. Currently we’re trying out LoRa scanning at the nursery of Jacob Karsten, an innovator in his own right. Camera’s and smart sensor arrays measure, among other things, peony growth (size and color), humidity, temperature, weather type and air quality.

8.    How do you safe them after cutting?

We put them in the special place with 1°C degree and storing them  by transporting peonies worldwide.

9.    How to make their life in vase more longer?

Give your peonies an extra energy boost in the vase: cut the stem again at an angle, put them in fresh lukewarm water and add a scoop of sugar. Sometimes this can make that difference. Even better is to avoid buying raw peonies. Feel the buds in advance or feel soft and that the color is clear and visible. At My Peony Society we never cut raw. Our growers do everything to ensure that no stem is cut incorrectly, because the love for the peony goes far.

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