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Once in Chenonceau ...


I cannot say that it will be a long article with useful information, but that it will impress you  for sure! 07/12/2019 I was lucky to visit the French castle Chenonceau (the date in this article is very important). The appearance of the castle is not particularly impressed. Well, the castle and the castle! But!!! Everything changes as soon as you enter in it. And no, the point is not at all in the interior and not even in the paintings of Rubens and other famous artists, the heart stops from floristry. In each room, a unique floral composition was created and it is comply corresponds to the interior. It can be a pot composition or a bouquet in a vase (the bouquets change every day. That is why I mentioned the date of the visit).


A team of florists lives and works in the castle. They have their own working and living place. Actually all flowers and other natural materials grow in the castle gardens.



And now a brief floral tour of the castle  Chenonceau 


Guards Hall





Diane de Poitiers bedroom


Green cabinet






Louis XIV's Drawing Room




Katherine Briçonnet Hall


Francis I's hall


5 Queens' bedroom


Catherine de' Medici Bedroom


 Estampe's cabinet 


The gallery of the Medici




Cesar de Vendome bedroom


Gabrielle d'Estrees bedroom


Second-floor hall


Louise de Lorraine-Vaudemont debroom



Of course, not everyone has such kind of  garden, but if you want to realize one of these ideas, Astra Fund company will be happy to help you with this. Astra Fund, your reliable supplier of flowers and plants from Holland 







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