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Cryptanthus photo

Cryptanthus is a genus of Bromeliceae family, and Bromelioideae subfamily. The genus name derives from Greek words “cryptos” (hidden) and “anthos” (flower). Another name for Cryptanthus is "Earth Star." The name is as a result of the wavy, showy leaves that grow in the shape of a star. The genus has two known subgenera and all species of the genus are native to Brazil.

Cryptanthus grow low and effective when grown in mass.  As far as light is concerned, their ideal condition tends to be bright shade. If they get extreme sunlight, they burn and too little light makes the foliage regress to a yucky green. The majority of Cryptanthus are epiphytes, which means that they grow on other plants and get moisture from the air and this isn’t the case with Earth Stars because they are terrestrial. In nature, Cryptanthus grow in moist conditions under other plants.

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