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Codiaeum photo

Codiaeum is a genus of plants in the Euphorbiaceae family, first categorized as a genus in 1824. They are native to northern Australia, Southeast Asia, and Papuasia. Codiaeum are shrubs with leathery leaves that are sometimes confused with genus Croton. They are highly colored, very variable in shape and variegated. Its leaves can be linear or ovate and variegated with green, pink, yellow, orange, white and brown. Some species, particularly Codiaeum variegatum, are used as houseplants.

Codiaeum variegatum, also called the croton, appears to have it all: from colorful foliage, to almost limitless leaf forms and a cultish following. Codiaeum though, have a downside—they don’t like indoors environment. In their inhabitants they enjoy warm, humid conditions, with plentiful water and dappled light. When indoors temperatures are too cold, they tend to start losing their leaves. However, codiaeum are worth the effort because when well-grown, they are an explosion of colors.

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