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Campanula photo

“Campanula” is available at wholesale and you can buy from the Dutch company «Astra Fund Holland BV» engaged in the wholesale of plants. Campanula also called Bellflower is diverse species along with changing characteristics but mainly represented and popular for its flowers. “Bellflowers” Buy Wholesale come in many shapes including bell, saucer-shaped, start, and tubular. Campanula or Bellflower is found in cold and moderate temperature regions, as this is the perfect condition for this plant to grow. This plant blooms flowers fullest in June and July season, but your eyes can expect to be enchanted with its flowers till October. Bellflower comes in the hues of pink, and white but found largely in lavender and blues shade. As this flower is a cold hardy plant so it is more useful to keep and grow, where winters hit hard. Bellflowers need full sunlight for to grow best flowers and well-drained loam with moderate humidity. This plant does not require much expertise for maintenance or care, as early mention this is a tough plant that stands against of pretty much extreme weather and infertile conditions. Some of the most common types of bellflowers include Bluebells, Dwarf bellflowers, Carpathian harebell, and American bellflowers.